The textbook for children

The textbook "Discover the Latvian Museum of Natural History" for children (age 7 to 12) will help you to discover the Museum’s treasures and wonders you can encounter in nature in Latvia and worldwide.

The Latvian National Museum of Natural History dates back more than 170 years, it holds more than 200 thousand valuable natural specimens – rocks, minerals, herbariums, mounted mammals and birds, insects and fossils of various organisms from Latvia and around the world. These specimens are called a collection. The Museum’s exhibitions represent small but remarkable part of the overall collection.

The textbook will help to understand why do we need the Museum, will explain the importance of natural history specimens and will make your visit more entertaining. Find answers to questions, draw, paint and take photos!

The textbook is available in English, Russian or German. 

The publication is supported by the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund.

Photo - LMNH