Geology of Latvia

Exhibition "Geology of Latvia"
Exhibition "Geology of Latvia"
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The exhibition about the geology of Latvia is divided in two thematic sections: the geological structure of Latvia, and commercially valuable mineral deposits.

“The Geological structure of Latvia” section introduces visitors to the bedrock and sedimentary rock systems that underlie Latvia. The complex and billions-of-years-long formation of the territory of Latvia is visually illustrated, and a geological map shows the distribution of sedimentary rocks in Latvia. Visitors are introduced to the rocks that make up the various geological strata found in Latvia, as well as the glacial and glacial meltwater effects on topography. Animated videos show how the Baltic Sea, lakes and bogs formed over the millennia.

The section “Mineral deposits of Latvia” illustrates and explains the distribution and practical uses of the most significant mineral resources found in Latvia: dolomite, clay, limestone, sand and gravel. Visitors can look at and touch various items made from these materials, as well as handle different rock types and try to identify the main characteristics that distinguish them. Also less common commercially valuable minerals found in Latvia – crude petroleum, colour earth, and iron ore - are showcased.

The exhibition was created in 2015 with financial support from the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund.

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