Birds of Latvia

Exhibition "Birds of Latvia"
Exhibition "Birds of Latvia"
Photo - LMNH

The exhibition features nearly all bird species found in Latvia (292 species from a total of approximately 360). Along with commonly seen birds, the exhibition also showcases species that have been sighted only a few times, such as the rosy pelican, the griffon vulture, the black vulture, the night heron, and the little bustard, among others.

Also showcased are birds exhibiting aberrations, i.e. individuals whose appearance differs from that of others of its species due to various reasons (mutations, physiological changes, etc.), and are extremely rarely seen in nature.

The exhibition features Latvia’s national bird, the white wagtail, as well as the heaviest bird to be found in Latvia – the mute swan, and the lightest – the goldcrest.

The showcased specimens are arranged according to  classification.

To enhance the educational experience, there are interactive stands where visitors can learn more about feather types, look at feather structure under a microscope, and in conclusion test their knowledge by “dressing” a bird in its appropriate plumage.

The exhibition was created in 1973.

The exhibition was renewed in 2020.

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