Plants and Fungi of Latvia

Exhibition "Plants and Fungi of Latvia"
Exhibition "Plants and Fungi of Latvia"
Photo - LMNH

This exhibition introduces visitors to the plants and fungi of Latvia, as well as to the natural habitats typical of Latvia – meadows, bogs and forests. The exhibition hall has been designed to give visitors a sense of the natural world: of all the colours, green dominates the room, showcases feature nature dioramas, and throughout the space there are real tree trunks, herbaria, and mushrooms – both plaster models and real dried specimens (exicates).

More serious naturalists can delve into more detailed descriptions of plant and mushroom species, test their skills at mushroom identification, and study objects up-close through a magnifying glass.

The exhibition was created in 2017.

The exhibition has been created with financial support from the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund. We are grateful to AS “Latvijas Valsts Meži” for their cooperation.