The Geological Collection

The geological collection consists of more than 43,000 units. Minerals, rocks and fossils have been collected since the museum’s beginnings and the work continues to the current day. Especially broad and diverse is the collection of the sedimentary rocks of Latvia. The museum’s geology interest group aided in the collecting of specimens for the unique mineral and rock collections from the South Caucasus and the Kola Peninsula. The Baltic amber collection is also consistently increasing in size.

With the financial support of the State Culture Capital Foundation and the Cohesion Fund, the geological collection has been supplemented with specimens of blue sapphire, gold, diamonds, red spinel, liddicoatite, impressive amethyst and citrine geodes, a rock crystal druse, blue and green Dominican amber, and others.

The most valuable gifts that the museum has recently received are specimens of crystal formations of gypsum (“dessert roses”), copper, and pyrrotine.