Dynamic Geology and Rocks

Exhibition "Dynamic Geology and Rocks"
Exhibition "Dynamic Geology and Rocks"
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The exhibition is temporarily closed due to visitor health safety measures.

The “Dynamic Geology and Rocks” exhibition is the story of Earth's internal structure and the endogenous processes caused by Earth's internal forces: the tectonic, earthquake, and volcanic processes. Through interactive exhibits, visitors can learn about the motion of the lithospheric plates that results in the creation of continents, ocean beds, the mid-ocean ridges, rift systems, and mountain belts. Visitors can listen to the sounds of volcanoes and learn about their types and distribution. Every visitor can try out what the power of shock waves produced by an earthquake feels like. Specimens of the most typical types of rocks and meteorites are showcased on display. Visitors can look at the starry sky and see Mars, Sirius (the brightest star outside the Solar System), as well as other constellations and galaxies.

The exhibition was created in 2008 with the financial support of the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund and the State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia.

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