Ants of Latvia

Exhibition “ANTS”
Exhibition “ANTS”

50 species of ants have been recorded in Latvia. The largest is the Hercules Ant Camponotus herculeanus (6–18 mm) and the smallest is the Pharaoh Ant Monomorium pharaonis (1.5–4.5 mm). The only protected species is the Jet Ant Lasius fuliginosus.

  • Hercules Ant Camponotus herculeanus
  • Grey Field Ant Formica cinerea
  • Red Backed Mining Ant Formica cunicularia
  • Narrow-headed Ant Formica exsecta
  • Dusky Ant Formica fusca
  • Wood ant Formica polyctena
  • Black-backed meadow ant Formica pratensis
  • Formica pressilabris
  • Southern wood ant Formica rufa
  • Red-barbed Ant Formica rufibarbis
  • Blood-red Ant Formica sanguinea
  • Trunk Ant Formica truncorum
  • Yellow Meadow Ant Lasius flavus
  • Jet Ant Lasius fuliginosus
  • Black Garden Ant Lasius niger
  • Yellow Shadow Ant Lasius umbratus
  • Lasius platythorax
  • Lasius psammophilus
  • Lasius paralienus
  • Slender Ant Leptothorax acervorum
  • Mossy Thin Ant Leptothorax muscorum
  • Pharaoh Ant Monomorium pharaonis
  • Myrmica lobicornis
  • Common Red Ant Myrmica rubra
  • Woodland Red Ant Myrmica ruginodis
  • Myrmica rugulosa
  • Scabrous Ant Myrmica scabrinodis
  • Myrmica schencki
  • Myrmica sulcinodis
  • Pavement Ant Tetramorium caespitum