Search for the largest anthills in Latvia

Exhibition “ANTS”
Exhibition “ANTS”

Results of the “Search for the largest anthills in Latvia” initiative

The Latvian National Museum of Natural History invited people to send in photographs of ant hills in summer 2023. They were received from different regions of Latvia.

The anthills were judged by two parameters – height and width. The submitted photographs also included some anthills that exceed the average size of ant homes in Latvia and surprised even the experts. These anthills can therefore be called prominent anthills.

The Highest

  • Dace Pinka – Gulbene Municipality, Ranka Rural Territory
  • Edgars Sušinskis – Krāslava Municipality, Kaplava Rural Territory
  • Inese Silamiķele – Valmiera Municipality, Matisi Rural Territory

The widest

  • Alija Kukīte – Saldus Municipality, Nīgrande Rural Territory
  • Inga Daube – Bauska Municipality, Kurmene Rural Territory