Photography exhibition "From a mosquito to an elephant"

African elephant
African elephant
Photo - M. Puķītis
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20.05.2020. - 28.06.2020.
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Māris Puķītis works as an editor for a newspaper "Kas Jauns Avīze" and a magazine "Likums un Taisnība", but in his free time he is devoted nature photographer. 

"My father worked in forestry and my childhood was mostly spent outdoors - in fields, meadows and woods, every summer in a different part of Latvia.  Since young age I was interested in animals, and one of my first ever books was "Zoology for 6th grade". Later I carefully examined every single page of "Animal world of Latvia", remembers the author. 

When taking animal photos, Māris is attracted to all fauna - big or tiny therefore such is the exhibition title "From a mosquito to an elephant". More than 100 photos of world fauna is exhibited. Māris has photographed orangutans in Sumatra and gorillas in Uganda, hummingbirds in Tobago and parrots in Australia. But the hardest shots were of local European badgers in Slītere, Latvia. 

The exhibition is open during museum opening hours.  
Admission with museum tickets.