The mobile app “Dabas muzejs”

The mobile app “Dabas muzejs”
The mobile app “Dabas muzejs”
Photo - LNMNH

We are happy to announce the launch of the mobile app of the Latvian National Museum of Natural History “Dabas muzejs”.

The app is an interactive tool that will enhance your museum visit experience. You will discover more about specific subjects or showcased specimens in museum’s exhibitions. By reading short descriptions, listening to audio guides, viewing 360⁰ images, photos, videos, and occasionally testing yourself in a game or two, you will learn more about natural history of Latvia and the world.

You can scan any of QR-codes located in the exhibitions or you can choose to follow routes selected by the museum: “The museum recommends” (green route) or “The museum for children” (purple route).

  • Download free mobile app “Dabas muzejs” on Google Play or App Store and scan QR-codes in the exhibitions. Use the app on your phone or tablet.
  • The app will use your mobile data. You can download photos and videos, it will increase the functionality speed, but will take up the storage.
  • The app does not process personal data.
  • The app is available in Latvian and English.
  • For more convenient listening to audio guide we advise to use your own headphones.  

The app developer – Cloud Enterprise Systems”, Ltd.

The mobile app has been developed with the financial support of the Cohesion Fund.