Exhibition "Mushrooms 2023"

Exhibition "Mushrooms 2023"
Exhibition "Mushrooms 2023"
Photo - LNMNH
Event date
13.09.2023. - 17.09.2023.
Event location
Exhibition hall on 2nd floor
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The annual exhibition "Mushrooms 2023" is organized by the Latvian National Museum of Natural History mycologists, and will showcase the diversity of fungi found in Latvian wilderness.

The museum's mycologists and other nature science specialists will head to nearby forests to forage material for annual exhibition. The museum's exhibition hall will turn into a great meeting point for nature and mushroom lovers. You will have the opportunity to discover various mushroom species, learn about fungi use and clarify fungi related questions. During the weekend there is going to be a creative workshop for families with children.

In addition, all visitiors of the exhibition "Mushrooms 2023" this year will be also welcome to attend another exhibition “Myxomycetes in Latvia – beauty from plasmodium to spores”, which celebrates the diversity of Latvia's myxomycetes and their research, which has developed rapidly. Myxomycetes are not fungi, but they have a common fact – both reproduce by spores. More than 100 new species are confirmed in the last five years, almost as many as previously were known in Latvia. 

Opening hours for both exhibitions:
W. (13.09.)  10.00–17.00
Th. (14.09.) 10.00–19.00
F.  (15.09.) 10.00–17.00
S.  (16.09.) 11.00–17.00
Su. (17.09.) 11.00–17.00

Adults – 2,00 €
Seniors, students – 1,50 €*
Pupils – 1,00 €*
* ID required (student card, senior card etc.)

Admission to the museum + both exhibitions (20% discount):
Adults – 4,40 €
Seniors, students – 3,20 €*
Pupils – 2,00 €*
* ID required (student card, senior card etc.)
Free admission – in accordance with the Latvian Museum of Natural History service fees list, with invitations and participants of the Family Saturday.
Jānis Roze, Ltd. Customer card – 15% discount

The Latvian National Museum of Natural history mycologists advise - unknown mushrooms should not be consumed!