Exhibition “Cacti 2022”

Exhibition “Cacti 2022”
Exhibition “Cacti 2022”
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25.05.2022. - 29.05.2022.
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Izstāžu zāle 1. stāvā
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From May 25–29, the Latvian National Museum of Natural History will host "Cacti 2022", an exhibition of surprisingly diverse and interesting plants. The exhibition has been organised in cooperation with the Latvian Society of Cacti and Other Succulents.

More than 400 different species and varieties of cacti and other succulents will be on display. There will be Lithops (“living stone”), and Adenium, (“desert roses”), as well as cacti known as Bishop's Cap and many other succulents with interesting and meaningful names. 

The end of spring is the most colourful and bountiful time of the year for flowering cacti, so visitors will have the opportunity to see them at their proudest. Adenium obesum, the desert rose, is currently blooming beautifully in the greenhouses of cactus growers. If you are lucky, you will be able to see its flowers at the exhibition. 

Cacti are relatively easy to care for and increasingly more people are choosing to grow them. Just a few essential tips: good light, diurnal temperature variation, and a cool and dry overwintering environment are essential. The soil should consist of plenty of small stones specially suited for cacti growing, and it is not advisable to go to the trouble of using additional fertiliser, as it is the stones that contain the nutrients the cactus needs.

The members of the Latvian Society of Cacti and Other Succulents have chosen Gymnocalycium cacti and Gasteria succulents as the 2022 plants of the year, and they will be highlighted at the exhibition. These two genera are very popular with both experienced cactus growers and beginners. The exhibition will be complemented by plants provided by the Society’s Saintpaulia (African violet) growers.

Visitors will be able to consult experts and obtain information on a variety of subjects such as purchasing, growing, and repotting succulents. 

At 12 noon on Saturday May 28, the exhibition will present a cactus transplanting demonstration.

Opening hours:
26.05. 10.00-19.00     
27.05. 10.00-17.00
28.05. 10.00-17.00     
29.05. 10.00-17.00

adults – 2,00 €
seniors, students – 1,60 €*
pupils – 1,00 €*
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Admission is free in accordance with the Latvian National Museum of Natural History's price list for general admission regarding persons with invitations.

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