Exhibition "Gladiolus 2018"

Exhibition "Gladiolus 2018"
Exhibition "Gladiolus 2018"
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14.08.2019. - 18.08.2019.
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Seemingly insignificant gladiolus bulbs turn into gracious, almost royal, flowers at the end of summer here in Latvia, and traditionally are seen as colourful alerts for approaching autumn. Gladiolus can be used in endless variations for indoor and outdoor arrangements as well as in bouquets. If regularly removed from spent flowers, the freshness of gladiolus can be kept for a reasonable amount of time.

Every August the Latvian society of gladiolus and iris breeders present more than 200 gladiolus varieties at the exhibition in the museum. Locally created breeds as well as imported breeds suitable for local climate will be exhibited along with the most popular varieties from gardens in different parts of the country.

Exhibition is curated in cooperation with Latvijas Gladiolu un īrisu biedrība.