The prehistoric environment and living organisms

Lecture „The prehistoric environment and living organisms’’
Lecture „The prehistoric environment and living organisms’’
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Age groups
10. klase
12. klase

Palaeontologist I. Zupiņš presents a lecture covering:

  • the changes in environmental conditions in Earth's history;
  • the changes in the chemical composition of the atmosphere, and the interaction between various organisms and the environment;
  • geological processes and the Earth’s climate;
  • paleoecology, and the reconstruction of environmental conditions and paleo-biocoenoses (methods and results);
  • the geological history of the territory of Latvia (a brief overview from the aspect of the environment);
  • the adaptation of organisms to different environmental conditions and changes, and some of the major stages of evolution;
  • mass extinctions.

The lecture includes a computer presentation and a look at the original fossils most often found in Latvia.