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Exhibition – activity area “About the Earth, the Sun and us”

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    Our planet Earth is in constant motion. This motion results in various parts of the earth receiving uneven exposure to the sun’s heat and energy. The result is a wide variety of natural environments and a fantastic array of natural diversity. Telurijs – the model of the Earth and Sun in motion – allows us to observe and better understand the rhythm of night and day as well as seasonal changes.

    The floor of the exposition is formed as a map of the world complete with continents and oceans. It becomes a work surface for the young visitors: they can locate the continents, the world’s largest rivers and lakes, find each area’s appropriate and representative flora and fauna and learn about the various nations inhabiting the world – how they dress, how they work and live.

    Children have the opportunity to not only learn about the world but also to learn more about their home. Part of the exposition is devoted to the forests of Latvia and its denizen the badger. The young visitors can learn about how the badger and its neighbors get by during different seasons. They can explore a cave and get a feeling of what it was like to live underground as well as discover 350 million year old fossilized fish remains.

    The activity area „About the Earth, the Sun and us” provides the youngest museum visitors their first insight into natural processes and phenomena and helps school children better understand the world of nature around them.

    The exposition can be viewed by appointment only.


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