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Botany exhibition The forest, meadow, swamp, and dunes

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Ekspozīcija "Mežs, pļava, purvs, kāpas". Foto:H. BirznieksBotany exhibition
The forest, meadow, swamp, and dunes

The exhibition acquaints the visitor with the most important Latvian biotypes, their development and their most significant characteristics. The visitor has the opportunity to interactively get to know inhabitants of the forest, the meadow, the swamp and the dunes, as well as travel along the improvised biotype pathway.
In the exhibition you will find herbaria of many protected plants, the most common medicinal plants of Latvia and a few of the poisonous plants found in Latvia, as well as rare species of moss, lichen and mushrooms growing in Latvia.
The Natura 2000 territories in Latvia are presented on the map. The Latvian Natura 2000 network includes 336 territories - nature reserves, national parks, restricted areas, nature parks and other protected territories.
The big wooden disc on display is a part of the thickest pine in Latvia - Zauska pine.

  • Gada dzīvnieks
  • Muzeja 165. jubilejas izstādes stāsti
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  • Daba pilsētas sirdī. Video
  • 360 virtual tour