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Human and the Environment

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There is an old Native American proverb which states “We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

Humans are the most active consumers of the natural resources, therefore the consumption must be controlled to ensure sustainability and resources for the next generations.

The exhibition about nature conservation issues has been available to public since 1977. After complete reconstruction it was again opened on May 25, 2011, thus marking the 165th anniversary of the Museum.

The exhibition “Human and the Environment” tells about basic topics of ecology using simple and interactive means. Visitors can observe differences of photosynthesis processes in day and night, learn about importance of a food chain, as well as discover various sources of alternative energy.

Diverse pollution issues in Latvia and around the world are widely discussed offering possible solutions. For instance, visitors are invited to try out pedalling the bicycle that produced electricity.

An animation with its main characters – Droplet and the Mole – introduces to the diversity of world water sources, and actions humans can undertake to limit water pollution and ensure sustainable use of water; as well as explains the importance of soil for all the live organisms on the Earth.

Special attention is given to the Baltic Sea pollution and ecosystem conservation topics.

The exhibition was funded by Norway Grants and the Ministry of the Environmental Protection and Regional Development.

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